Deception And Disguise In Shakespeare's Much Ado About Nothing

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Jas Kaur
ENG 10
5/23/17 Deception that Leads to Love...or Heartbreak? As human beings we have all been deceived one way or another. Do you remember a time of deception? In William Shakespeare's, Much Ado About Nothing we discover the lives of Bendick and Beatrice along with Hero and Claudio plus their friends who are deceived. Shakespeare uses deception and disguise with emotion and logical strategies. Different types of deception and disguise can also make one gullible and a little too prideful also, it can make or break relationships. For example, through deception one can become gullible especially when they're falling in love. In the book Claudio falls in love with Hero, love at first sight. Claudio’s friends Benedick and Don
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Emotional strategies are used in this deception because new feelings will be discovered for two characters. Benedick’s friends are going to trick him into falling in love with Beatrice. “This says she now when she is beginning to write to him for she’ll up twenty times a night and there...she sit till she have write a sheet of paper” (2.3.122-125). In the scene Leonato explains how Beatrice would stay up at night to write letters to Benedick with a tone of admiration laced in his voice to make the effect of pure bliss in his voice and to show how much Beatrice loves Benedick. The desired effect on Benedick is to make him feel happy and deceive him into believing Beatrice is madly in love with Benedick. The men are using a mischievous tone throughout the scene. Benedick becomes gullible and believes the men but he did question himself first yet he still went with his feelings, where the men had used another emotional strategy. Not only were emotional strategies used but logical strategies were used. “To what end? He would make but a sport of it and torment the poor lady worse” (2.3.145-146). Logical strategy is used in forms of deceivement towards Benedick which makes it believable since Benedick and Beatrice always have a mini war of wits but Benedick would never let Beatrice live that down. Shakespeare uses ethos since Benedick and Beatrice both are prideful and if Benedick were to …show more content…
Deception can make or break relationships by using emotional strategies or logical strategies. Sometimes deception can make someone a little too prideful. Shakespeare uses deception in Much Ado About Nothing to show that it’s easy to deceive anyone into something as long as you use the right strategies and to boost another's ego. Claudio was deceived into believing Hero was dead and his ego and pride got the best of him that he didn’t even care that the girl he once truly loved, the girl he was infatuated had died, he had no flicker of emotion. Whereas, Beatrice and Benedick fell in love through deception which had been used with emotional and logical

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