Ms Biomedical Engineering Sop Essay

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I hail from a family of doctors. From my early childhood, my frequent visits to the hospital (run by my grandfather) have had an impact on me .As a ten year old boy, I once walked into the X-ray room and was thoroughly fascinated by the machines, which were huge, when compared to my tiny self. Since then my fascination and interest in medical equipments and instruments have been growing day by day.
I have always believed that every moment in life is a learning experience & I’m proud to say my learning experience till date has been with good educators. Mathematics has always been my forte & science has been my fascination. I have always tried to perform
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During my college days I was the academic coordinator and I also grabbed opportunities, which came, by my way to enhance my knowledge, for eg; I went for colour doppler ultrasound training at wipro Ge medical systems. Eventually I presented several papers and my paper on Temperature Monitoring system for Hyperthermia treatment of Cancer is one of my best favourites. From this paper presentation I had gained knowledge about the level of sophistication required in the filed of biomedical instrumentation. This further enhanced my interest in this particular field. Moreover my oratorical skills helped me to stand out in the crowd.

Apart from my academics, I’m interested in reading novels & listening to music. I have been brought up in English medium, hence I have good proficiency in English which has encouraged me to participate in JAM contests & debates which has further strengthened my communication skills & I also express myself confidently using English language. I had been the academic co-coordinator of my department association & have arranged department symposiums & events, which has inculcated leadership qualities

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