Essay on Mrs. Turner : An Protective Woman

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Everyone has had a dark moment in their life, but Mrs.Turner is one of the many children who have witnessed her father 's death. She did not let her father 's death destroy her mental state, she became stronger than she ever was. Janet Turner is a 45 year old woman who witnessed her father 's death by her neighbor at age of 14. Children witnessing one of their parents ' death at a young age can put a substantial burden on them that can cause stress, which could change them in a way nothing else could.

Victims of murdered parents face irrevocable issues. After all the death is unexpected, final, and incomprehensible. These victims realize that they will never get to see them ever again. Mrs. Janet felt this way when she lost her dad. Her dad was everything to her and that everything was taken away when he was murdered. She was changed entirely when her father was murdered. Mrs.Turner is a very protective woman now because of that and it takes a lot to gain her trust. Seeing a parent be murdered can change you in more ways than one. For example, stated by nova, “Loss of a sense of control over their lives;”, “Loss of social support or social standing, with increased feelings of isolation and loneliness;” and, “Loss of a sense of safety and security;”(Homicide). Imagine yourself when you were younger coming home from school and you finally got home. You are famished and ready to get some food inside of you , but when you walk inside you find your father on the ground stabbed…

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