Society's Expectations For The Way People Should Dress

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Morggan Edelbrock’s Declaration of Independence
From society's expectation for the way people should dress

Society has their own visual on how everyone should dress. In my opinion, it's one of the biggest problems in society today. People need to stop harassing others for the way they dress. Many people get made fun of for not having “modern clothing”, wearing the newest shoes, or the most expensive jewelry. Not every child's parents buy them everything they want, many kids have one, two or even three jobs and they pay for their own clothing, shoes, jewelry etc. Even though I have an undying love for fashion, I, Morggan Edelbrock declare myself indecent from society's expectation for the way people should dress. This is a problem in society that we need to deal with right away. Many kids get made fun of in school for the way they dress, for not having the most , modern clothing. Some adults have jobs that only pay enough to be able to set food on the table, keep a roof over their families heads and buy them the necessities. Not many parents are will to spend $300-$400 on new clothing in the middle of the school year just because it looks cool. Before we know it, society has completely forgotten what a creative mind is. Society has
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Many people think that boys should wear boy clothes and girls should wear girls clothes. I for once think that's pointless. We should let people dress the way they want to dress, express themselves they want to express themselves. Many boys these days are very much so put into shame for dressing like girls, even though they personally feel more comfortable in girls clothing than they do in boys clothing, I don't understand why we can't let them be comfortable in their own clothing, the clothing they buy with their own money. Many people get very angry when they are out in public and they see boys dressed in girls clothes, I personally could care less. It's their lives not

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