Mr. Rockefeller, An American Entrepreneur, Entrepreneur And The Founder Of W. L. R.

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Leaders that stand out from the past typically are known for something spectacular, something that made them stand out at the time, and something that they can be remembered for. Mr. Rockefeller was an industrialist and philanthropist who did well for himself. His ability to lead and influence people helped him to acquire many companies and interests. His vast wealth allowed him to lead development in the area of medical research. People chose to follow him and believe, which may have included getting bought out, or succumb and fail to his power. Besides ruling the business world in his time, he was also a very charitable person giving money to colleges, foundations, and his church. He accredited his great success to God.

Wilber Lee Gore was an American businessman, entrepreneur and the founder of W. L. Gore and Associates. He is better known as Bill Gore. William Lee Gore was born on January 25, 1912. Mr. Gore started as a chemical engineer and chemist at Dupont during World War II as part of the experimental program. As a member of the experimental team at Dupont, Mr. Gore became interested in a chemical known polymer polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) or simply known as Teflon, invented by another Dupont scientist, Roy J Plunkett in 1938. The combination of properties such as electrical, chemical and physical states fascinated Mr. Gore and he envisioned all the possibilities and ways of using this new invention.
On January 1, 1958, W. L. Gore and Associates…

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