Essay Mr. O ' Malley 's Sixth Grade Class

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Around the world people grow up learning a native language, some people grow up learning two. Many people move to a new area where customs, beliefs and language differ from what they’re used to. This can be a harrowing struggle, especially for children still in school. Trying to learn for your education while not knowing the language can be difficult but teachers can help. By analyzing their students and their progress teachers can help these students accomplish what they need to. In Mr. O’Malley’s sixth grade class there is Maria. Maria has started just begun the school year and speaks no English. Aside from knowing her name and age there is not much information on her native language or her background with English. Throughout the first few months in class Maria does not speak but she gives visual signals such as smiling and nodding. These facts would help indicate that Maria is in the early production stages of her English learning. “Some learners will be very silent during this period.” (Piper, 2015, sec 3.3) This is stage can also be a silent period. During this stage students appear to understand what is being asked of them and can reply with gestures but do not speak. (YouTube, 2007) This stage can last a few hours to months. As time progresses with Maria, students mention to Mr. O’Malley that Maria has spoken. She asked them some questions during recess and had small conversation with them. Mr. O’Malley starts to think this may mean she has a speech disability he…

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