Mr. Holland's Opus Essay

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Mr. Holland's Opus is about a man named Glenn Holland who is a white male music teacher, who began teaching music at John F. Kennedy High School, around the age of late 20's to early 30's. Mr. Holland began teaching because he felt that he could earn some money to support him and his wife, while he was reaching his goal of becoming a composer. In the beginning of his teaching career, Mr. Holland felt that teaching was all about arriving to school on time and giving lectures and test to his students, because they are there to learn. Mr. Holland did have the students under control in his classroom; they were always in their seats even though they were bored out of their mind. Mr. Holland would criticize students when they gave the wrong …show more content…
Two of Mr. Holland's students Miss. Lang and Russ both had the dedication to learn how to play a musical instrument, and Mr. Holland was going to help them reach their goal by privately instructing the students how to play. Mr. Holland knew that he was going to have to be patient because when a student is learning something new they will not completely understand it the first time they try learning it. This is a great thing to do for students, because when you give a student individual attention they will feel more comfortable in asking questions when they are confused. In my service learning experience students really enjoyed when either I or the teacher was giving individual help to them when they had trouble understanding a concept. The text book would agree that Mr. Holland became an expert teacher later on in his teaching career, because Mr. Holland learned that there was more to teaching than just notes and test. Mr. Holland soon realized that he was there for the students to reach their full potential in the musical field. The message in this film to teachers would have to be making your curriculum come to life. Mr. Holland made music very interesting for the students to learn, by having it interesting the student will want to learn everything possible about that subject. And this will lead in to helping the students reach their full

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