Mr. Butler Is A Friend Of My Family Essay

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In this paper I will be introducing someone that I knew for many years of my life. Mr. Willie Butler has been a friend of my family for more than 5 decades. Being that he is my grandfather’s childhood friend, I also look at him as a mentor and someone who gives great wisdom about choices in life. He has taught me many things about society and how to conduct myself, which molded me into the man that I am today. The reason I chose Mr. Butler is because I knew he had many exciting experiences in life and he was willing to share them with me. Place of birth and Parents Mr. Willie Butler was born and raised in Sumter, South Carolina at Toumey Hospital on March 3rd 1949. He was raised on the south side of Sumter on Brand St. with his parents Janie and Willie Butler Sr. His father worked on a farm in Alcolu, SC while his mother stayed home to take care of him and his siblings. Growing up there were times that he didn’t see his father until night time because of the long hours he worked. Mr. Butler said that his father didn’t make much but it was enough to make ends meet and provide for his family. His family had one car which was a Ford pick-up truck. Him and his brothers had to ride on the back wherever they went being that there was not enough room on the inside for all of them. Childhood events and schools attended One childhood event that Mr. Butler told me about in this interview and many times before was when he use to play the game called…

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