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Ethics, or moral philosophy, is the study of morality using the methods of philosophy. Ethics is an investigation of principle by which we distinguish goodness from badness and assess the actions as right or wrong.
Morality consists of our beliefs about right and wrong actions and good and bad persons or character. Morality has to do with our moral judgments, principles, values, and theories. Ethics is the careful examination of morality and applies critical reason to questions about what we should do and what is of value. Morality is a public system that understood and applied to all rational people.
Values expressed in our thoughts, feelings, action, and perceptions. It is a quality of a thing which makes it desirable, useful, or an
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Metaethics: evaluating language in terms of ethics and focuses in the language of what people
Morality is a normative enterprise, which means that it provides us with norms or standards, for judging actions and persons – standard – usually in the form of moral principle and action. With moral standards in hand, we decide whether an action is morally right or wrong, whether a person is morally good or bad, whether we are living a good or bad life, the main business of morality is therefore is not to describe how things are, but to prescribe how things should be. In addition moral norms have impartiality, they apply to everyone equally, everyone is considered of equal moral worth. Morality also possesses the property of universality they apply not just in a single case, but in all cases that are relevantly similar. And moral is also reason based. To be fully involved in moral life and make an informed moral judgment is to engage in moral reasoning. In science, law, medicine, business and other areas of intellectual life, we want and expect claims to be backed by good reasons, Morality is no different. Some people believe that conscience, not ethics, is the best guide to moral judgments. Critical reasoning is the corrective, giving us the power to examine and guide our feelings to achieve a more balanced view.
The moral life, then, is about

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