Essay on Mozart, The Greatest Composers Of The Classical Period

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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was an Austrian composer whose mastery of the whole range of contemporary instrumental and vocal forms—including the symphony, concerto, chamber music, and especially the opera—was unchallenged in his own time and perhaps in any other. Although he did not even live to be forty (January 27, 1756 to December 5, 1791), Mozart still managed to not only be one of the greatest composers of the Classical period, but perhaps of all time. His musical pieces still remain quite popular and well known centuries after his death. Mozart was born in Salzburg, Austria to parents Anna Maria and Leopold Mozart. He was the only son of theirs that survived past birth and he only had one sister, who was nicknamed Nannerl. Mozart became a master composer due in part to the fact that his father was a violinist, music instructor and a minor composer. The biggest reason Mozart became such a fantastic composer though, was that his parents stressed the importance of music to him and put him through intensive musical training. Mozart was a famous composer and freelance musician during the classical period of music; so therefore, classical was the style of music he composed. A few of Mozart’s more famous compositions include the opera Don Giovanni and Symphony No. 40 in G Minor. From childhood to his young adult life, Mozart lead a very impressive and interesting life, even if it was cut short by illness.
Childhood and Teenage Years According to Robert Sherrane, “At the age of…

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