Mozart And The World Of Music Essay example

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On 27th January 1756, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born to Leopold Mozart and Anna Maria in Salzburg. Mozart began his career as one of the most celebrated child prodigies in eighteen-century Europe. With his father Leopold being a highly respected composer and violinist Mozart discovered his interest in music. At the age of 4, his father, Leopold taught him minuets which Mozart played effortlessly. By the time he was 5, Mozart was able to compose small pieces. In his very early career, Mozart and his sister made many trips to Europe where they performed as child prodigies. In 1773, Mozart was selected to the court of the ruler of Salzburg Prince Archbishop Hieronymus Colorado. During this time, he produced 5 violin concertos and 5 piano concerto out of which, some became breakthrough in the world of music. By this time he had many friends and followers and worked in variety of genres including sonata, minor operas, symphonies, and string quartets. Mozart wrote 41 numbered symphonies in his life. He wrote his first symphony when he was just eight years old. Before he turned twenty, he wrote more of them. Each with traditional in style but had originality and highly developed innovation. The symphony No. 31 in D better known as the Paris symphony, is one of the most famous symphonies by Mozart. In 1778, Mozart was offered a perfect opportunity. He was asked to write a symphony to open Paris’s most famous concert series, with a large orchestra. It was his time to get…

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