Moving Talent Forward Fashion Show And The Msu Just A Costume Open Dialogue

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I have never been an adventurous outgoing person, let alone a person who goes to large events, therefore this assignment didn’t prove to be too hard in finding events to go to but making myself actually attend said events was what proved to be the actual problem. I ended up going to two events that have to do with clothing I went to the: Moving Talent Forward Fashion show and the MSU Just a Costume Open Dialogue discussion. I found that both were eye opening experience and in some ways similarly.
I was persuaded to go to the Moving Talent Forward Fashion show on the 25th of October by my housemate Amber. The event was held at the Gallatin Valley Mall right in front of the JC Penny’s store, the perfect location because it drew other people in from around the mall and was easy to find. Moving Talent Forward put on this event as a way to introduce to the public to the many facets of Native American arts and culture.
I had always thought that the arts of Native American fashion were out of date full of beading and a void of anything modern elements from cut to fitting however, the exact opposite proved true. For the Fashion part of the show there were four lines shown each very different mixing traditional elements with great cut and fit for the modern girl. I was expecting to see lots of earth-toned fabric because of what I was visually taught to expect to see from movies like Pocahontas but instead saw a mixture of earth tones and vibrant colors even some neon. I also found…

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