Movie Review : ' Pride Comes Before A Fall ' Essay

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Pride Comes Before A Fall
The movie Titanic is about a courageous love story intertwined with the tragic event of the crash of the R.M.S. Titanic. James Cameron was the director and one of the producers of the Titanic film; the movie was released on Dec19, 1997. Cameron’s movie about the Titanic has won several awards. The movie starts out with a survivor of the crash, Rose DeWitt Bukater a fictional character, telling her story about the events that happened on the Titanic. Rose’s story is about unhappiness, rebellion, romance, heartbreak, and finding herself. The trip to New York aboard the (space) Titanic does not go as planned when Rose meets Jack Dawson, who saves her life. Rose is engaged to another man, Cal, whom she despised (s) when Jack came into her life and stole her heart. Things became complicated between the three the same day the Titanic crashed into an iceberg. While Cal, Rose, and Jack all fight for survival they were also fighting for love. In the end Jack died along with over a thousand other passengers. Rose survived the crash and while Cal thinks Rose is dead, she makes the decision to let him think that to avoid the continuous abusive relationship. It is then implied that Rose lived an exciting full life before she died “… an old woman warm in her bed (Jack Dawson Titanic).” like Jack promised her right before the freezing waters of the North Atlantic stole (claimed) his life. Although, the love story that the Titanic movie tells is fictional the story…

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