Movie Review : ' Phantom ' By Pierre Boileau And Pierre Ayraud

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Question #1: Although I have not read many critic reviews, the few I have read always shine light on topics I have not noticed in the film. These new discoveries help me to have a greater appreciation for that film and the work that was put in to perfect every scene. After reading a critic review, I discovered that Alfred Hitchcock’s, “Vertigo”, was based on a French Novel, “D’entre les Morts,”. The novel translates into Among the Dead, and is a 1954 crime novel by Pierre Boileau and Pierre Ayraud. The novel was published only four years before Hitchcock’s movie. While reading the reviews, I also noticed the whole love story between James Stewart’s character, Scottie, and Kim Novak’s character, Madeline, is very closely related to the Orpheus myth. This was interesting to me because I recently just watched a production called “Eurydice” put on by the UTC theatre, which was a different twist on the Orpheus myth. Since I had prior knowledge of the tale, it made me appreciate “Vertigo” because I was able to relate the movie to the myth. The ressemblance to the Greek tale also made me realize how many outside sources influenced Hitchcock in the making of the film.
Question #2 : Almost all of the reviews I read on rotten tomatoes consisted of mostly plot summary, but a few had controversial arguments. One point I agreed with was in Bill Weber’s review in which he states, ”Stewart 's great performance doesn 't fully delineate Scottie anymore than Hitchcock attempts to tell a…

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