Essay on Movie Review : ' Film ' By Alfred Hitchcock

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In Her (2013), by Spike Jonze and Vertigo (1958) by Alfred Hitchcock, violence is aestheticized through the use of romance. Scottie and Theodore’s sadistic tendencies are masked by their obsession with love. Scotty and Theodore convey the characteristics of men who are hopelessly in love with the women they are with, but in reality they simply want to control them.
Vertigo and Her’s aestheticization of violence and the protagonists’ need for control are emphasized by the fact that both Scottie and Theodore cannot bear the burden of being the object of what Laura Mulvey describes as the ‘male-gaze.’ Mulvey suggests that the male-gaze sexually objectifies women and is a mechanism that allows men to be the object of control. Scotty and Theodore exemplify men who have lost the ability to emit the male-gaze and have been overpowered by women. Scotty has been overpowered by Judy’s lies and Theodore has been submerged by his lack of confidence. Violence plays a key role in escaping objectification; Scotty uses physical violence and psychological manipulation, and Theodore playfully sexualizes violence in order to regain the role as the dominant male. In Visual Pleasure and Narrative Cinema, Laura Mulvey states, “the male figure cannot bear the burden of sexual objectification” (5). In psychoanalytic terms, male sexual objectification is related to the idea of castration. Scotty escapes castration by objectifying Madeleine and turning her into a fetish object. Scottie reaps…

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