Movie Report : ' The Mole ' Essays

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No. NO. She did not pull this shit. No. She didn’t. After everything, she’s still gone back to him? I thought I had her. I thought I had her.
“You got a plate number?”
Still no eye-contact. “No, boss.”
“You, trained and licensed, didn’t get a plate number?”
“No, bo—”
Jerking him, barking in his face, “Look at me and tell me you didn’t get a plate number!”
His unfocused eyes come to mine and hold them only for as long as, “I didn’t.” But at “boss,” those eyes drop to the floor. Something’s not right.
“He’s lying,” Kiera dips in. “No way Lotty would leave without seeing Stage Dive. Especially if she knows going back to him means she’ll never get another chance to see Stage Dive. It’s him. He’s the mole.”
Mike jerks out of my grip, getting up in Kiera’s face. “Bitch, are you on crack? I’ve been loyal to this man for damn near three years! Where the hell do you get off accusing me of—”
Muscles intersects, pressing a hand to Mike’s chest and pushing him back. “Call my woman a bitch again and you won’t like the results.”
“Hold up, can someone tell me what the bloody hell is going on?” This is from a very perplexed and irritated Q. “What kind of trouble is our mouthy little brat Lotty in? And why would she leave when the only reason us grown men are in this kiddies’ den is because of her?”
At that, I catch Muscles eye, and he gives an imperceptible shake of his head. Yep. Things are definitely not making sense. Q can’t be the one helping his brother if he doesn’t even…

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