Movie Report : Star Wars Essay

1133 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
For this assignment I started off watching the hit kids show, Star Wars Rebels. I wanted to watch this show specifically because I enjoy it. Also I was very curious at the results of violence in the show. My data is as follows: There were 5 physical assaults with a weapon or object, 3 without, 3 verbal threats of harm, 4 insults or derogatory remarks, and 5 violent deaths. I was honestly a little shocked with these results. This is a kids Disney TV show, I was shocked to find the amount of deaths in it. Now these deaths were not violent, they were just people blown up from space battles in ships. Several rebel troops died from empire attacks and vice versa. I am surprised at the verbal threats of harm and insults. Some of them were very unnecessary and shocking that they would even be included in this show.
The next thing I watches is the primetime show, Gotham. Going in to this show, I knew all about it, I was not surprised by the end results. In Gotham, there were 6 instances of physical assault with a weapon or object, 6 without a weapon or object, 7 verbal threats of harm, 4 insults or derogatory remarks, 4 extremely violent deaths, and one accident in which someone was hurt. These results are not surprising to me, the show is based upon Gotham, a DC city, and the crime that takes place there. Murders, assaults, and other violent things are to be highly expected.
Next, I watched CBS News at 10pm. The day I watched the news, was also the day of the Paris attacks,…

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