Movie Report : ' Okay Fine Honey Sorry ' Essay

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It was later in the evening and Kevin has just gotten home with two big dead deers thrown over each of his shoulders. He places them down on top of a big blanket and starts cleaning his hands in the sink of all of the blood. He then hears a woman yelling from the other side of the giant room.
“Kevin? Are you home?”
“Yes mother I am, and I got a lot of food for the next couple of days” Kevin responds to the voice.
He got on his apron and his gloves and his set of knives that he likes to use.
“My goodness Kevin we are going to get in trouble!” Said Kevin’s mother
“Mother they will never know, we can just hide it and then just eat it. The important thing here, mother is that we will have enough food for the next couple of weeks. Would you rather starve or maybe get caught which will probably not happen.”
“Okay fine honey sorry, you’re right. Do you need any help?”
“No I’ll be fine, I just need take off the skin and then just chop it up into pieces. Are you going to want to keep the fur? To make a rug or something?”
“Umm just save it outside, I’ll find someway to use it.”
Kevin spent all night skinning and chopping up the deer being careful to not make a lot of noise since his whole family was asleep. He put the skin outside hanging so that it can dry just like his mother had said. Kevin was now only 14 years old but he was the only one in his family that was allowed to go out and hunt for his family of 7. Kevin overslept the next morning waking up at 11am. Walking into…

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