Dialogue Essays: Crake Says The Therapist

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We enter in to a dark and musty room where Crake lies on a couch, while a therapist examines him. “So crake is this your first time coming to therapy?” Says the therapist. “Yes, what’s it to you?” Crake says angrily. “Well I am sure you are aware that this is court mandated because you tried to wipe out the human race.” “I know exactly what I fucking did.” Crake seems to be not taking this well. “Well now I am going to ask you a few questions to get to the bottom of your motivations and reasoning behind your recent actions.” The therapist said calmly.

“Why did you or why do you want to destroy the human race? I really want you to open up and please take all the time you want to think about your answer.” Crake lay there with an angry look
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I should have been the creator of man kind in the first place not some guy up in the sky fucking around trying different things. That is what I would have done differently.” Crake paused for a moment and he seemed like he might be fighting his emotions again. “The thing I would have done differently is made everyone the same and without the ability to feel because if you can not feel anything then there is no chance of you ever getting hurt and everybody could live in prosper without conflict.” “Would you not think that without conflict things would get kind of dull and boring?” “That is why I have given them the ability to not feel so then they can not feel bored or sad or happy or even have the ability to sympathise, none of that bullshit.” Crake as he talked more and more he seemed to be more vulnerable to feeling emotion and unveiling the real reason he attempted to wipe out the human race. “Do you think this has anything to do with your father?” The therapist said this question quite timidly. “My father was a waste of life; it is a waste of my breath talking about him.” “You want to know what I think Crake?” “Sure why not you are the so called expert anyways.” Crake said dismissively. “I think that you are …show more content…
“Do you have anything to say?” The therapist seemed a bit worried that he might have just made an enemy out of the arguable the most dangerous person to ever live. Then crake opened his mouth and said, “You are right, I am scared of my emotions and I know I am not perfect but I have always tried to be. It is my father’s fault, if he just maybe told me that he was proud of me instead of beating me with his Ferragamo belt. Maybe if he did not beat my mother as much or if he didn’t kill my dog when I didn’t do something perfect or to his standards. He always told me that emotions make you weak and are a waste of time, I think that is why he drank so much because then he would not feel. You know what he said to me when I was about to slit his throat? He said that he wished that I was never born. But now that fucking asshole can’t hurt anyone anymore. Now that I think about it I am exactly like my father which I despise.” The therapist stared in awe at Crake, he could not believe that he was finally opening up to him. Crake continued on, “The worst part is he always compared me to other people even though nobody is perfect anyone else was more perfect than me, at least that’s what my father thought.” “So you would say that’s why you tried to eliminate the human race?” Crake lost the intensity that he had in his voice that made him so intimidating. “I guess I thought

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