Movie Analysis: The Sandlot

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The Sandlot provided a plethora of examples of the team dynamic principles which have been covered throughout the semester. The primary team that was the subject of the movie was a self-assembled baseball team made up of school age boys with a common love of baseball. Early in the movie, one of the boys, affectionately referred to as “Smalls” joined the team which set forth an interesting team dynamic.
Things escalate half way into the movie when one the boys run out of baseballs to play with. Smalls then runs home and, not realizing its value, grabs a signed Babe Ruth ball from his step dad’s display case. One of his teammates then hits a homerun into the lot guarded by a beastly dog. This challenge sets into motion the problem the team must overcome to retrieve the ball.
This movie review will highlight several team related concepts. The stages of team development were evident throughout the movie. While the group did not
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Learning team member’s personality traits and styles can be crucial in achieving a desired outcome. By assigning roles, individuals can ensure the task of retrieving the valuable Babe Ruth baseball is accomplished effectively and efficiently for the team altogether. Although Smalls was envied early on in the movie, the team came together to retrieve his stepfather 's baseball and literally did whatever it took to get it back. The stages of development are common amongst many teams and as displayed in “The Sandlot,” where some steps took longer than others to work. Starting from scratch in forming by having Smalls as the new member, lead to storming oftentimes with conflicts, then norming took over where everyone began to mesh together, and the team ended up performing to bring back the ball. With determination and perseverance, achieving a common goal can be accomplished by implying decision making efforts and by minimizing

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