Essay on Movie Analysis : The Movie ' The Night '

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Let’s say one’s group of friend’s are indecisive on a movie. Let’s say one is trying to decide on a mystery, or suspense type of movie, filled with real life situations and crazy plot twists. And also Let’s say one comes across the movie Time Lapse which premiered in 2014. This movie is about a group of friends racing against time, in order to stay alive. Should they keep secrets? Should they inform someone about this mysterious machine? Bradley King (Director) will let one be the judge of that. This film is for an audience that looks for a suspenseful hour and forty minutes filled with action and suspense. Although Time Lapse is a movie that is intended for people that only like mysteries and suspense, Bradley King made this movie to where anybody can enjoy the crazy plot twists, the group of characters and the life lessons. Finn (Matt O’Leary) an artist, with his girlfriend Callie (Danielle Panabaker) and their best friend Jasper (George Finn), discover their scientist neighbor, Mr. Bezzerides, dead on the basement floor. Even more suspect was a photograph of the crime scene. Mixed in Mr. Bezzerides’ possessions, was a Polaroid camera screwed down on to the floor and pointed at their house. On the wall were hundreds of photographs of Finn, Callie and Jasper, all taken at 8:00 PM every night. Everything in the photographs have yet to happen. Time Lapse was released in 2014 by Bradley King. It is more like a modern version of the 1944 film, It happened…

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