Essay Movie Analysis : Snow White

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Prior to World War II, Americans fell into a dry spell of no entertainment, causing a frenzied exploration to find new enjoyment for the spiritless people who had nothing to do. Fortunately, major animation corporations, such as Disney, were able to encounter and explore new people and technology in Hollywood that would soon bring entertainment to Americans. Once animation began to flourish, animation companies, like Warner Brothers, started to exchange new ideas with each other to barricade U.S. citizens’ boredom.

Prior to Disney’s Snow White, there wasn’t hardly any animation at all. In fact, the movie Snow White was one the first full-length, color animated films that was produced in color and English. So, Snow White was the start of an animation revolution, and the turning point for animators. Technology before animation wasn’t really a whole lot besides the flip book, the cinematograph, stop-motion photography, and cel techniques. A flipbook is where there are multiple pictures in an enormous book and the person handling the book flips through the pages in order to see the pictures moving fast, giving the illusion of animation. The cinematograph made motion pictures more popular, and that caused many people to begin to explore the cinematographic possibilities, which can be seen in many movies today. Stop motion photography was a technique used when objects would be moved around, in between their images while being recorded. That way, when shown at a normal rate,…

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