Essay about Movie Analysis : She 's The Man

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Movie Analysis of She’s the Man
The film, She’s the Man, centers around Viola, a high school tomboy who plays soccer. In the beginning of the movie she finds out the very heart breaking news that the women’s soccer team has been cut from her high school because by the male dominated administration because not enough girls signed up to play. Viola comes up with a great idea and proposes it to the boy’s soccer coach. She asks him if the girls can try out for the boy’s team. After asking this question, both the coach and the boys from the soccer team laugh at just the mere thought of a girl trying out for the boy’s team. They all scoff at even the suggestion. After having her suggestion completely shut down, she comes up with another idea that may work. Her brother, Sebastian, has plans of leaving for London for two weeks to play in a band. Viola decides to dress up as her brother and attend Illyria high school, her brother’s new school, and try out for the men’s soccer team there. This idea ends up working out and she makes the boy’s soccer team. For the next two weeks, Viola has to live in a male dorm with a roommate named Duke. Duke, who is also on the soccer team, turns out to be a somewhat sensitive guy that has trouble talking to girls. As the movie nears the end, the Illyria soccer team plays their rivals, Viola’s ex-boyfriend’s team, and she reveals her true identity and is still allowed to play in the game. Her team even beats the rival team after a penalty kick made…

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