Movie Analysis : ' Look Grandpa Naim ' Essay

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“Look grandpa Naim, look at Adrian playing in the yard, look at Shqipja

laughing out loud, look how happy they are.” The poor old man’s heart breaks into

pieces every time he sees the despair in Arber’s eyes and he sees it quite often.

Arber is 12 years old. He has got dark hair, dark features and snow white skin. He

also has a big noise and big head and is very tall for his age. One can tell he is a

typical highlander of Albania. Arber doesn’t go to school this year, as a matter of fact

he won’t be able to go to school not even the coming year and the other coming

year.He will never go back to school again. Just like every “malesor” (highlander) he

has already a very tough character. He yells at his mother every time it takes more

than 5-7 minutes for her to prepare his meal. He is impatient and bad tempered. He

wants his voice to be heard but laud rather convincing. He is taught to believe that

he is always right no matter what because he is the man of the house ever since his

father left home after killing a neighbor 7 years ago. He represents “nderin” (the

honor) of the family and he has to protect it even with his own blood if necessary.

He is taught to make the guest feel like king at his house but also protect the honor

of his family as the strongest moral bound to a “malesor” (highlander). His family

and he live in a tour house in Theth, a forgotten breathtakingly beautiful village in

the North of Albania. The tour house…

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