Essay about Movie Analysis : Film And Movie

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No offense to film critics, but it doesn 't take a genius to tell a good movie apart from a waste of time you 'll never get back. Motion picture films date back to the late 1800s, each film different from the last. However, that doesn 't mean everything that makes it onto a theatre is worth viewing. There are certain components that make a great film and can be proven true throughout all genres no matter when they premiered. Now, I 've seen my fair share of films and have come to the conclusion that a film worthwhile is one that is able to attract the audiences with familiar sense of prevalence that is able to leave an impression and invites you to watch it over and over again. To prevail is to beat the odds stacked against you, or in this case, the protagonist 's odds. This motif is seen very often in movies and as viewers we 've grown accustomed to expecting the heroes to win and save the city. Have you ever wondered why that is? When a film is made with a plot filled with detriment it allows the audience to place themselves in the perspective of a character in the film. They feel their despair, their sadness, desperation, etc. and this helps to build a connection between the audience and the movie. This correlation ensures that when you see the 'good guy ' come out on top, despite his obstacles, may they be emotion or physical, the audience feels like they too have or can overcome their own battles. Elliot Grove wrote an article on the common elements in award…

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