Argumentative Analysis Of Monsters Inc.

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Monsters Inc. is set in a hidden (to humans), alternate-reality world made up of monsters. The main characters, Sully, Mike, and Randall, work in a corporation whose purpose is to capture the screams of children in order to convert it to energy so that the city will have electricity. Randall goes after one child, Boo, who accidently makes her way into the monster world. When Sully discovers her in the monster world, he works with Mike to get her back into her bedroom. Randall, however, is determined to catch Boo to scare her and capture her screams, which leads Sully and Mike on a chase to get Boo back home safely. As the story evolves, it turns out that the boss of the entire corporation is in on Randall’s new plan of forcefully extracting …show more content…
By the end of the movie, they have successful brought Boo back and destroyed any way Randall could get to her. Sully has found that using the laughter of children is just as effective as using screams and is made the new boss of Monsters Inc.
The social-cognitive approach is one of the perspectives that can be used to examine Boo from Monsters Inc. Since Boo is a toddler she is learning most things for the first time. Like human children learning behaviors from watching their parents and other children, in the movie Boo learns how to behave in certain situations by watching how the monsters behave. She then decides if behavior is appropriate or not in each situation. She also learns how to behave by modeling their actions.
The learning of aggressive behavior from the social-cognitive perspective can
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This says, “people can learn simply by watching others perform a behavior” (Friedman & Schustack, 2012). It’s the same thing as modeling, which means “that a person forms himself or herself in the image of another” (Friedman & Schustack, 2012). Through observational learning Boo learned to growl at Randall. Randall had gone into Boo’s room to scare her and by trying to do so growled and roared at her. During that she witnessed someone growling and roaring with the intent to scare someone. She also learned it when she saw Sully trying to scare a child during a training simulation for other monsters. After she got done beating Randall with the bat she tried to growl back at him in order to scare him. She had only learned how and why to do this from observing other monsters perform this behavior. She was modeling Sully in order to appear as though she was no longer the one afraid of Randall, but that he should be the one afraid of

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