Movie Analysis : Boys By Ricky Moody And Girls By Jamaica Kinkaid

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One of the best thing about me is that I really enjoyed reading short stories. Every story that I read in this book feels more like poetry than an actual story. However, I enjoyed reading most of them because they feed my mind. Reading the story “Boys by Ricky Moody” and “Girls by Jamaica Kinkaid” really caught my attention, they are very short, but great pieces to cut right within to the heart of the primer. Nevertheless, what makes them similar is how they were created using similar literary techniques such as iconism, the stream of conscience and ambiguity. Both stories are very different in many ways from cultural, racial, and sexual boundaries. Rick Moody’s short story “Boys” is an innovative work that was motivated by “a writer named Max Steel, who applied the phrase ‘Then the boys entered the house’ at reading” (Meyer 297). “Boy 's entered the room” is an expression that is repeated during the piece regarding a complex transition in the circumstances of the characters in the story. The door might symbolize transformation in the story and is described as “a crucial posture in a boy’s life” (Meyer 239). Following, on page 300 the writer refers to the door as “the threshold that has welcomed them when they have not been capable of embrace themselves” (Moody 240). We get private details of the boy’s life, and the narrator helps us fill in the gaps using limited omnipotent narration. Jamaica Kincaid’s story, in contradiction, is in second person, the mother is the…

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