Essay on Movie Analysis : Andrea Stefancikova

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Because I interviewed Gelsea Mae earlier this year, I was already familiar with The Arrangement. Per usual, this sparked a personal quest on my part to find the actors who are involved with this project in attempt to get the word out about this show. Andrea Stefancikova is one of those actresses on that upcoming show, and having the opportunity recently to ask her some questions introduced me to the wonder that is Andrea. She was quite forthcoming about why she started acting, her most well-known works, her views on indie films, and also her upcoming works (of which there are many).


Why did you decide to become an actress? What kind of training have you received?

When I had seen a theatre play for the very first time, it made me excited, and it lit a fire in me, that resonated the acting bug throughout my entire being. I would imitate what I saw on the stage and make small performances for my family and family friends. Later, I would perform as a dancer, and it was when I had a solo that I felt that connection between the audience and myself. In life, I was/am quite shy, but when I was on stage, I felt different - connected to everyone in a way I couldn’t comprehend.
The primary reasons why I wanted to act were to create, to tell stories, to express myself, and to have FUN. I wanted to discover myself and get to know human beings on a raw, real level, to connect and to share, to feel, to emote, and in a way, to risk. My life experience, which has…

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