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Mountain dew: Selecting New Creative

If I were Scott Moffitt, I would have selected the following three creative concepts:

Cheetah: The main reason I like the Cheetah concept is its adventurous show. I would like to analyze the concept in 2 perspectives: Customer and Company. As far as customer perspective is concerned, I believe customers will retain this ad for a longer time. Main reason is the involvement of wild life and the daring nature of the boy. Usually wild cats are a symbol of power and speed. People specially the young lot are really fond of watching National Geographic where the most seen videos are of wild cats attacking other herbivores for their food. Conversely, the boy in the ad is so daring that he not only has
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There are very few commercials that actually catch your attention and make you sit and watch the ad completely. In this case, Labor of Love has that appeal. This commercial is also in line with the communication strategy. It depicts the adventurous and one of a kind positioning of Mountain Dew. In short I believe catching the attention and ultimately retention of mindshare of consumers is the biggest success of marketers and Labor of Love has that potential.

Mock Opera: I believe this concept will have an emotional impact on minds of consumers. This concept also contains a sense of humor. Additionally by the end of the ad story board shows a number people standing all together in some area and drinking dew, which will have a long lasting impact. Music is always a good tool to catch the attention of customer. It shows people going crazy to get dew, some are on bicycles and some are on skateboards. It shows an element of collectivism which is really impressive. Collectivism always is a sense of inspiration. This concept shows mountain Dew’s marketing philosophy of going to any extent to get due. The concept also shows the fun loving people, singing and excited to get Dew. I believe this ad also has huge potential in attracting customer attention and giving them a feel of dew

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