Essay on Motivation Is Based On An Organization

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Organizations are often concerned of what is expected to be done in other to attain sustainable and continuous level of organizational performance through its workforce. This is by giving close attention to how best individuals can be motivated (Armstrong, 2006). Motivation is basically concerned with reasons why people react in a certain way. Generally, motivation is described as the persistence and direction of action. Mullins (2005) opined that, motivation is based on why people choose a certain course of action in favor of others and why they stay with the action they choose for a long period in the face of problems and difficulties. Therefore, motivation is said to be the center of how productive and innovative things get done in an organization (Bloisi et al, 2003). Houran (2010) referred to motivation as the desire of employee to earn reasonable payment and salary as money is the fundamental incentives that no other motivational or inducement comes ahead of it (Sara et al, 2004). Money has the power to attract, motivate and maintain individuals towards high performance. Money is described by Frederick Taylor and his associate as the most important factor in motivating workers in other to achieve greater productivity (Adeyinka et al 2007). Employees’ performance is directly influenced by how motivated and satisfied they are with their work (Kalimullah et al 2010).

Management tools that contribute to organizational performance is reward as it is influenced by the…

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