Motivate Motivation Case Study

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Impacts of solutions Proposed to Motivate Employees in the Organization
Making change in any organization has its own impacts not only to the employees, but also to all other stakeholders involved in running a business. This is why in most organization there are people who tend to resist change when they realize that it might have some negative effects on them. However, change is always inevitable and a business that does not embrace change cannot gain a competitive edge over its competitors in the market (Phillips, J. R. (2009). When I was working as a consultant to help the business regain back its high performance through increased employees’ motivation, I was assured that not every stakeholder would be happy with some of the changes I proposed.
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For the first one to two years, the managers had to ensure that they find extra sources of income to pay the employees before the real impact of increased profits would be realized in the organization. This is because at the moment the organization did not have enough income from its operations to allow it to increase pay of its employees. At the short term the company might have to ask for loans or look for any other source of income of which I would assist. Despite that the managers might feel that this might affect the business operation, at the long end the pay rise will motivate the employees who will in turn work up to their maximum potential leading to high productivity (Skemp-Arlt & Toupence, 2007). Within five years the business will make more profits, repay the debts and outperform its competitors because of the high motivation among its …show more content…
In this case, the employees require to be motivated and recognized so that they can be more productive. In the organization, were facing high level demotivation. This means that one of their main needs is to be motivated. The changes proposed will impact them positively because they will work for less hours and have their pay increased. In addition they will also benefits from different rewards introduced as a way of recognizing their contribution to the organization. However, they will have to put more efforts in their different roles and face the wrath for failing to meet their targets. This means that at one time or the other they might land into problem with the managers. I will assist them learn how to meet their targets in a less stressful and an effective

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