Case Study: Google Motivating Employees

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Corporate Giant Google Motivating Employees
Jonathan Bowden
Atlanta Metropolitan State College

Corporate Giant Google Motivating Employees
Google is a multinational company who is most commonly referred to and known for its incredibly popular search engine. Google originates from roots of Stanford University back in 1996 an amazing 20 years ago. It’s kind of amazing knowing that Google has been around for 2 decades. Google was founded by two Stanford graduates named Sergey Bin and Larry Page. In 1996, these two collaborated on a research project that would eventually become the Google search engine that we all know today. When it was first created it was called Backrub. It was at first knocked by CEOs who turned them away because
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The innovative company Google is leading the way to restructuring management so that their employees can conduct creative ideas that would in effect produce all kinds of new products. They are rewarding their employees with all kinds of different perks such as being able to bring pets to work all kinds of free food for their employees, things like swimming pools, and even free childcare where you can bring your child to a good environment and not even have to pay for it. Google is a company that strives to provide relaxed environments in work settings where group thinking is raised and teamwork is the central value to inventing the next big product that can change the future …show more content…
Rather it is s a place where they can further test their knowledge and work with like minds to be creative innovative thinker. Google isn’t just a place for googlers to work it is a place where googler’s learn and are constantly learning every day. Google uses its employees as a part of its corporate strategy to gather more employees. Googler’s are always talking about all of the wonderful things that google has to offer from its perks to its working environment in

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