Motherhood : The Color Purple, Being Mary Jane, Salvage The Bones, By Toni Morrison

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Mothers, by very definition, are women who bare some relationship with their child. During this course, the novels, short stories, and television shows studied placed emphasis on femininity and the relationships that women have with those around them. In these novels, the relationships of mothers to their children and the children they want to have become a reoccurring thematic element. These relationships, with their differences, impacted every woman’s femininity in differing ways. The female characters from Sula, The Color Purple, Being Mary Jane, Salvage the Bones, “On Monday of Last Week” are powerfully influenced by the importance of motherhood and the emphasis placed on it in society. In each of these stories, motherhood impacts each woman’s femininity differently and changes some aspect of them. Because of these changes, readers and viewers of each story are shown the lasting impression that motherhood has on each of the women within the stories.
In the novel Sula by Toni Morrison, Eva is a hard-willed woman with three kids, an abusive ex-husband, and a need to find a way to control her future. While the novel focuses on the lives of four different women, Eva’s motherhood affects everyone in the novel. Eva is a mother that has dealt with poverty and fear, while forcing herself to shove all emotion to the side. As the novel progresses, the reader is allowed to see that her parenting style embodies harshness and emotionlessness. Although it seems that she only focuses…

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