Mother 's Role With My Mother Essay

1489 Words Dec 6th, 2016 6 Pages
When it comes to determination my mother has as most there is possible. She has never been one to quit even when times get tough. My mother has been with the same company for as long as she has been working. Although she has never finished college she has stayed loyal to the same company. In recent years she has noticed that she had not been receiving the same treatment that she had in previous years. She noticed certain people were getting away with things that she pointed out were wrong. After that she realized that an employee had received a raise. She became confused because she has always worked the hardest and never did anything wrong. This employee had only been working with the company for six years and after this raise had been making more than my mother. After finding this out she decided to talk to her boss because what she had seen was unfair. He then explained how he had been moved up in position. My mom did not want to start problems, so she let the situation go with the excuse of she is satisfied in her current position. After a few months she had noticed that the employee continued doing the same exact work before with a new title. When women become the inferior sex in the workplace it becomes unethical and unfair. Working women should receive the same amount of money as men because women are just as equal as men and it is unfair. Although, attempts at closing the wage gap have been made and it has closed over time. Joan Eveline was a Co-Director of the…

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