Essay on Mother 's Commitment And Responsibility

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I , Mary Pamela Fonseca, daughter of Violet Fonseca would like to officially go on record and state that I wholeheartedly support my sisters Rita Frei and Patricia Melvin, be granted full guardianship of our mother. I strongly believe that my sisters have shown their commitment and responsibility in caring for our mother. I am also convinced though our mother has five children, that full guardianship should only be awarded to my sisters. It is important for me to explain why I have arrived at this conclusion Prior to my sisters stepping in and taking over her care, our mother was living in deplorable conditions. I was witness to this during my visits to Singapore in 2012 and early 2013. My mother was underweight, suffered severe migraines and complained about her eyes. We had entrusted our brothers Anthony Fonseca and Patrick Alan Fonseca to take care of our mother as she was getting old and had lost some her mobility. In the limited time I was in Singapore, I set up appointments for our mother to be seen by Changi Hospital and the dental care at the polyclinic. I handed over all the medical appointment cards for follow-up, to my brother Patrick Alan Fonseca. My sisters and I later discovered that my brother Patrick Allan Fonseca had not taken my mother for any of the follow up medical or dental appointments that I had made.
This was very distressing because my brothers had once again hurt my mother and abandoned caring for her. I say this because of the…

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