Mother Of A High School Student Essay

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1. Debbie Sherman: For my first consultation I wanted to talk to the mother of a high school student because this law would have a direct impact on them. I spoke to Debbie Sherman, a mother of a sophomore in a New Jersey high school. Her main points to me were that punishing students can be very effective because when parents drop their child off at school they have no control whether or not the child stays in school. This made me think about my proposal idea because I got comments from caucus members that the proposal may be too harsh to students and that they should not be the ones punished, but Ms. Sherman made a good point that it is impossible for parents to keep track of their high school student 24/7. These students are old enough to make their own decisions, which is why if they choose to make ones that are not legal, they should face the consequence.
2. My second consultation was a current high school teacher because I was curious about attendance rates in her classes. Ms. Valentine told me students in her high school skip school, and that it is even more common among Juniors and Seniors. Her main point to me was that the counseling aspect of my proposal was really good because teaching kids the importance of going to school can keep them in school. Many students see school as a waste of time, but reminding them how school can help them go to college and get a career can make them realize the importance of attending. In addition, by having the counseling with the…

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