Essay about Most Like An Arch This Marriage By John Ciardi

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What is Love? It 's when two people come together and share their deepest feelings with one another. Everyone in their lifetime has experienced love, whether it is family, friendship, romantic, or conceptual. Love is everlasting and unconditionally satisfying to be with a person or thing you cherish deeply. Everyone is searching for love, they are all dedicated to find what completes our lonely hearts in this cruel world. In the poem, "Most Like an Arch This Marriage" by John Ciardi, he defines love through showing commitment, trust, and respect to built a healthy and strong relationship for one another.
One of the key factors to love someone is to be able to have commitment. In order to be committed, the person must show their significant other that they are willingly sacrificing valuable time to be in their presence. The time and dedication to be with the one they love can go a long way in life. For example, when Ciardi wrote “Most like and arch-two weaknesses that lean into a strength", he shows the arch 's strength becoming stronger when the two couple puts that same amount of effort into their relationship (Ciardi 1040). Meaning that if the couple is more serious and committed in the relationship then their love would form a tighter bond between them. It grants the relationship to have more flexibility as long as they have faith in each other. Being committed is not an easy task to do because it takes a considerable amount of energy to always be there for your spouse…

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