Moral Values Of The Fosters

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The Fosters and the fundamental values of being different
The ABC Family original series The Fosters takes several aspects of underlined debates around LGBT parenting. Offering an alternative to both views, a model of queer parenting that neither assumes the heterosexuality and gender normativity of any child, nor waits for children to “come out” before showing acceptance. The Fosters explores the fear and possibility of queer childhood and the hope of healthy yet different queer relationships. Also it touches on what is to be able have “trust” and learn from previous experiences.
The foundation of this phenomenal series revolves around the eight Foster family members: Stef Foster; Lena Adams-Foster; biological son of Mike and Stef, Brandon
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At first Callie seems to appear as a young girl who has spent most of her life in a foster system at times separated from her younger brother Jude. She is very defiant and tough girl yet, very sensitive and confused. Letting her bad experiences shape her reality of life causes her to have trust issues and a hard time “fitting in” into a judgmental society. She is slow at accepting her surroundings and continues to neglect her new “temporary” home at the Foster’s place. Throughout the whole first season, she seems to struggle with self-acceptance that causes problems in both her social and love life. She falls in love with Brandon who later becomes her adoptive brother and makes close connections with Wyatt, a boy she first meets in her literature class. This struggle also affects later on when she is about to meet her biological father. She questions her existence and origin quite frequently because she doesn’t understand where she fits in yet. Callie and Brandon seek refugee amongst one another for moral, physical and emotional support, they express their love in multiple ways. Such ways including, Brandon going off with Callie to save Jude from his previous abusive foster parent, through physical affection like their first kiss at Marianna’s Quinceanera party and when letting each other go in order for Callie and Jude to be

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