Moral Reasoning Essay

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Causes Of Moral Reasoning’s In Children
Children have a way of thinking all on their own. Understanding the moral reasoning in children is perhaps the best way to understand how and why children make the decisions they do. A child’s ideas about the world are formed based on the moral reasonings that they have established throughout their life. These moral reasons can be based on culture, age, gender, or even parenteral education. Moral reasoning has been studied by many, including Lawrence Kohlberg. Kohlberg studied the idea of moral dilemmas in children, which helps us understand how children reason about rules that control their behavior.
Moral Reasoning And Lawrence Kohlberg’s Theory
Moral reasoning is an individual or collective practical
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This would be presented in the essay written by each child. The essays were then compared and analyzed. The essays were found to have nine moral principles in them including honesty, fairness, empathy, friendship, promise, trust, golden rule, common good, and don’t tattle. On many of the essays, both the American children and Chinese children expressed the same values throughout. Though there was similar moral principles in both ethnicities, there was a difference in the consistency at which they occurred. The children of the Chinese ethnicity, overall, had a higher consistency of the nine moral principles over the American children. There were only two principles that the American children scored higher in, and they were fairness and the golden rule. All other moral principles that were studied; the Chinese children were between 0.7% and 29% higher. The Chinese children were found to have a higher likeness of a position to help out in the child in need in both moral dilemmas. The American children however were found to have a higher chance of presenting a stance of self-interest. The culture of both countries changes the way the education and guardians are to teach the children. The moral dilemmas are taught differently from one country to another. This is because of the ethical education that the children got from their parents and other superiors throughout their life. The Chinese elementary schools focus on teaching not only mathematics, but also moral ethics. They want to expand the moral principles of the children and encourage them to behave according to the utmost moral principles. This is unlike the educational system in the United States. In the U.S. the focus of schools is to provide information in the form of facts, while not teaching the practical practice of moral reasoning. Even in the household, Chinese families

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