Essay on Moral Panic And Its Effects On The World

1795 Words Dec 3rd, 2016 8 Pages
During the twenty first century the world has been able to see a mass amount of growth as humans, and technology evolve together. This growth has given us, better energy sources, new pieces of art, and a seemingly never ending grid of connectivity. It is quite rare to turn on a television screen, or open up a webpage on a cell phone, and not find the latest news story. With this grand connectivity between not only our own neighbors, but people from all around the world is has become increasingly harder to ignore the awful things that partake in our world. There are natural disasters, crimes of every type happing on what seems to be a day to day basis according to the news. Because of this never ending stimulus brought upon the media, there are many situations that stir up public panic within the United States, and it is vital to investigate all of these stories in order to make sure what you are reading is the truth because ignorance is not bliss.
One of the recent instances of moral panic that has been circling in the media is the panic of local police forces within the United States. While there has also been a dark past, present, and seemingly dark future between the distrust of African Americans and Caucasian’s for centuries, things between the two races are nowhere near as brutal as they were before. With the ratification of the thirteenth amendment slavery was over, but the trauma and scars were still very real, with many to argue that those scars are still very raw,…

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