Moral Judgement And Moral Judgment Essay

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Growing up in a community where you are not allowed to stay out once the sun goes down because it is too dangerous, the streets are full of trash, fights breaking out left and right, and drug deals going on at the corner, eventually the individuals who are participants in these crimes are our youth. One may wonder what drives these individuals to think that the crimes they are committing are believed to be okay. Who is to blame for their actions? Their parents, their teachers, or do they really only have themselves to blame? Most of the time these individuals do not see what they are doing as something wrong, it’s just a lifestyle.
The decisions made by these individuals are justified by their moral judgment. Growing up in a less fortunate community and witnessing crimes time and time again will begin to seem normal to someone. Within the article Haidt (2001) defines moral judgement as “ Moral judgments are therefore defined as evaluations (good vs. bad) of the actions or character of a person that are made with respect to a set of virtues held to be obligatory by a culture or subculture (pg 817). Haidt talks about how certain situations require us to use our moral judgement to make decisions. Much like those individuals who participate in crimes, they too make their decisions based off of their moral judgment. They have been exposed to a negative environment for far too long that they now have been influence to believe what they are doing is morally okay. We make these…

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