Moral Disengagement In School Essay

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Behavioral Conduct Within Children

The role of moral disengagement plays a big role in the child’s life. As parents who should set great examples and be role models; sometimes they don’t engage in the child’s life as they should. The opposite happens that causes moral disengagement and behavioral problems amongst children. The effects on the child can start from an early age, from rejecting parents leading teenagers to go through an antisocial behavior stage or delinquency to lifelong problems. It depends on the child’s appeal towards the situation that they have been through, and how it has affected them. Who has the blame for the child’s actions, the teacher or the parent. Moral disengagement is a big concern in civilization. Every
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It is hypothesized that children will first learn this moral disengagement in a home environment as an infant through early experience with parents who are harsh and rejecting parents. The first years of a child’s life have a big impact on how their brain develops that causes short term and long term effects on the child. As shown on there are many signs showing how children are neglected from parents. As poor appearance and hygiene, the child might have signs of bed wetting and soiled clothes. Some students might have oily hair or lice. In addition, some children have health and development problems such as PTSD and ADHD. Last but not least “studies show that three-four million children between the ages of three- seventeen are at risk for exposure to domestic violence each other” as shown on Domestic violence roundtable.Org. Children who witness abuse and violence in household become fearful and anxious to when the next event will occur. Certain children feel worthless not being able to help the victim and “the emotional responses of children who witness domestic violence may include fear, guilt, shame, sleep disturbances, sadness, depression, and anger” the children are starved for attention, …show more content…
As parents they don’t see that they need to contribute time to their child to help them learn and value their morality. Not all parents, just the parents that don’t realize that morality has been fading, or they were never raised with morality in their family. This leads some parents to practice by their own beliefs and style of living. As discussed in a Preventing Child abuse and neglect Article is says that Parental feelings or beliefs about morality are likely to be translated into educational practices, discipline, behaviors, and ways of emotions. Therefore, parents who externalize blame and avoid taking their responsibility might easily reflect this disengagement in their childrearing practices. For instance, they might denigrate others or showing children that whatever they do is right and that no punishment or guilt follow a wrong

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