Essay on Montana 1948, By The Hayden Family

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Introductory Paragraph
A powerful person has people who will follow him and do what he wants them to do. When the person keeps his followers happy, his power lasts and he gains more followers. The more followers he has, the more power he has. This power lasts until the person messes up or makes a mistake that turns his followers away. Many times the powerful reign of the person goes on indefinitely. There are good and bad people with power. Good people with power can start charities and do other good things. Bad people with power can abuse their power in many different ways. It is easy for a person in a position of power to get away with crime. Powerful people can commit rape, substance abuse, and murder without being punished for a long time because everyone else is too scared to go against authority and say anything.
How Montana 1948 relates to this issue
Specifically, in the fictional novel Montana 1948, the Hayden family has all the power in their small town, and Frank Hayden abuses his power and rapes young women. One brother, Wes, is the sheriff and the other brother, Frank, is the doctor. Frank sexually abuses many of his female Native American patients and rapes them. He knows he will not be punished for this because he is a white male and they are Native American females. Since these women are low class, they are afraid to say anything about being molested because they know Frank will deny it and it will make them look bad. Franks also gets away with his crimes…

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