Monitoring Patients At The Pediatric Ward Essay

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It was just another day in the pediatric ward -- the second-year postgraduate student and I were scurrying around the 80-year-old building, monitoring patients. I felt some fleshy thing under my foot. Was it the rat that we saw earlier? I looked down to investigate. It turned out to be the leg of a patient 's relative, sleeping on the floor next to a child with meningitis. I apologized her as I squeezed my leg between her and our typhoid patient, who lay on a mat next to her, in the overcrowded ward. There were patients everywhere. But each one was getting the best possible care and that was my only concern. Just as I came back to measure the oxygen saturation of an asthmatic in the intensive unit, a group of 15-20 people rushed into the ward. A 2- year -old had a suspected scorpion bite. The incident had happened 6 hours back, in their village,* and the parents had tried traditional medicine and prayer. Everyone was shouting over each other, trying to explain what had happened, and valuable time was being lost. We started the examination while they relayed the story. The child was severely hypotensive, almost bluish, and the peripheries were extremely cold. There was only a feeble carotid pulse, and priapism -- the child was close to death. I looked at the child 's mother.She watched with wide eyes, at the proceedings.
Though our hospital was a tertiary care center, we had to work with limited resources only. We gave the initial medication rectally and began trying to…

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