Money Is The Root Of All Evil Essay

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A common saying is “Money is the root of all evil”. In a way that saying is not wrong. Especially so in The Great Gatsby. A recurring theme throughout the novel is the dark side efects of wealth. The 1920s were a time of superfluous spending and extravagant lifestyles. This was because for the first time, Americans had spare money and had the free time to spend it and have fun rather than working for their livelihood at all times. The caveat to this was people went overboard and spent too much thinking this time of great pleasure and luxury would never go away. With money clouding the minds of people, morals became obsolete and people just did whatever they wanted as long as they remained wealthy. The people of the 1920s were extremely shallow and cared only for superficial things like appearance and status. They did not care for others or have any real ethics on living properly and living life for ambitions and dreams. The mood of the time was just party and have fun, never looking forward to the consequences of any actions.The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald conveys the shallowness of the 1920s by showing the association of wealth to poor personality development or listlessness, corrupt morals, and the mirage of the American Dream.
Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald provides little to no hints of ambitions or goals for the rich to emphasize how their lives are almost empty with nothing to do. One of Nick’s first descriptions of the Buchanans is why they are in New York.…

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