Modernizing America 's High Schools Essay

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Modernizing America 's High Schools Some of America 's most successful businessmen have released very strong statements regarding America 's high schools, calling them insufficient and even going so far as saying they are obsolete. Many of these billionaires had never even completed college because they considered the standard American higher education system to be insufficient, and based on their success, correctly deemed it unnecessary to their personal achievement. Unfortunately, it 's not just colleges that are failing their students, but high schools as well. Many studies have shown that elementary and middle schools in the US produce some of the most educated children on the global spectrum. However, when it comes to high school we are found near the bottom of the list in many of the same studies. As put so plainly by billionaire Bill Gates, “American schools are outdated and must be adjusted to modern day.”(national). We cannot continue educating as if we are in the mid 20th century while the world around us is making more intelligent strides every day. It is imperative for the success of our young people that America 's schools catch up to present day and adjust their mode and content of education to fit the modern era. According to Bill Gates ' speech at the National Education Summit on High Schools, our school system should be preparing our students for a crossroads after their high school graduation to either get a well paying, meaningful job, or to be ready…

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