Modernization Theory And Modernization Theory

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Development theory has two major studies - dependency and modernization theory. Modernization theory describes the development of a society from a traditional society to a modern one. This theory carries a very optimistic view for traditional society to industrialize and follow the leads of Western Countries who have developed. Therefore, this theory posit an argument that when the internal factors of a traditional society, and through industrialization leading to democratization “all good things go together,” traditional society can then be developed just as developed countries embarked. Although, other theorist believes that form of government look at the duration in which this ‘First World Countries’ have developed and argue about the timing of late industrialization to presently. Three major arguments that describe assumptions of development are, Modernization theory, Institutional model (an argument made by Samuel Huntington), and finally, Dependency theory, which the present paper supports because to achieve economic growth, and development, a state must detach itself from the international trade controlled by Western states that is …show more content…
Modernization Theory shows how a traditional society grows and the features that affect such growth. Growth must be consistent with the progress of Western countries and their process of development as well. A traditional society must undergo the same process of industrialization to advance in technology and science just as the modern society did (Dhlamini, 1). Therefore, boosting their economy, enabling them to grow in technology and compete with Western states is a first start in modernizing according to the theory. Subsequently, when a state is more industrialized, the more democratic they will

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