Essay on Modernity Or Tradition : The Issue With Sexual Regulation

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Modernity or Tradition: The Issue with Sexual Regulation Religion, no matter from what part of the world or from what period of time, always had rules, regulations, and general guidelines for how humans should go about their daily lives. The subject of sex is one of the many guidelines that is continuously debated and talked about. Some of the better-known religions, such as Christianity or Buddhism, relate sexual activity as being an “impure” act or is considered “desirable”, and therefore should be held only for reproductive purposes. With modern times, however, comes modern thinking, which leads some to express their sexuality in other ways and encourage others to do so. With the aging of millennials, a sexual revolution has come where same-sex partnerships, premarital sex, expression of female sexuality, and non-married couples are the new “normal”. First off, some may wonder how sexual intercourse got such a bad reputation with religions (and in this case, this essay will focus on Buddhism and Christianity). In Christianity, sex is made primarily for a male and female married couple to not only (obviously) reproduce but to also bond in an emotional and physical embrace (“Does the Bible Prohibit Sexual Pleasure?” par. 1). To have sex without first being married is defying God’s purpose for intercourse (Stafford par. 16). Tim Stafford, author of “The Truth about Sex”, continues to explain the problems humans run into when people decide to participate in sex before…

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