Modernism in Paul Rand Essay

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Modernism in Paul Rand
Topic 1

Fabrizia Corsi

Critical and Cultural Studies
Dawn Correia (23rd April 2013)

‘Modernism’ is derived from ‘modo’, a Latin word which means “just now”( Philosophy Basics. n.d.). Modernism, in its broad explanation includes the different movements related to art in the Europe, initiating from the end of the 19th century till the beginning of 20th century (Design History Mashup, Philip S. , 2008). These latest European movements developed to reject the conventional arts of the previous times. The public, who showed initial controversy to the new ideas, gradually acknowledged them. A major portion of these European movements and the public and political protests were
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The constructivist artists originated from the undeveloped and poor country of Russia. Thus, they adored the American style of thinking which was realistic, logical, to the point, functional and technology inspired (Heller, rand & Helfand, 1999). The constructivist artists expressed these conceptions through geometry, like using shapes of triangle, rectangle and circle, in their simple designs. In Rand’s magazine cover, the colors used are red, black and white (Wwar, n.d.). By the placement of the crucifix, the space is also geometrically divided into four rectangles.
In the area of graphic design, Rand was the first artist to introduce the Typographic Swiss Style or also called as the International Typographic Style. This design movement initiated in Europe, and was based on principles of typography of Bauhaus. In the Christmas card, he had mentioned the magazine details (Graphic Mania, n.d). This was a notable way to make sure that all readers read and understand the message given by the cover design. To make it realistic, the card is written in his own hand writing. The card is tilted and the writing is slanted in contrast to the typeface of the magazine name. These ideas all come from the new concepts of typography.

The image on the right clearly shows the basic characteristics of Swiss Style. The most important aspect among these is the grid. Rand introduced grids and used them in his

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