Modern Society And Its Impact On Society Essays

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Although modern society could be considered secular to a certain extent, there was a time when religion and its ideologies played a vital role in daily life. This is especially true for life in Japan following the introduction of what is now known as ‘Buddhism’. Once the teachings of Buddha were infused into Japanese society, it effected everything from art, to values, and culture within the society.
The inception of Buddhism came into practice at approximately 500 BCE in India, but did not make its way to Japan until 552 BCE. It is considered to be a path to spiritual discovery. It was founded by a man named Siddhartha Gautama, who believed that within the human condition there was disease, decay, and death. Gautama felt that within the human experience feelings of happiness and pleasure existed, but that these moments were only momentary and fleeting. The death that Guatama believed was a part of life, was not permanent. His belief was that following death, one is reincarnated and reborn in a cyclic manner. However, he sought to end this continuous cycle of rebirth.
After physical trials and observations, Siddhartha reached a state of enlightenment or understanding and became known as the Buddha which means “enlightened one”. From the Buddha’s observations he deduced that the cause of human suffering was desire and in order to be rid of suffering one must eliminate desire through right thoughts and actions. In order to do this an individual must follow an eightfold path.…

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